November 11, 2019 4 min read

Hey OXB! 

We asked our Intern Andi (Devil Wears Prada anyone?) to channel her inner Deepak and bring you a post on motivation and mantras. Throughout this year it has been so cool to see what you put on your custom bars - "make it epic", "i am > i was", and even "Meyonce". 

So, where do you look for your motivation? 

Instagram, workout classes, friends, family, goals, the future, dreams, wishes, hopes…? You name it, it is different for everyone. We are constantly looking for that "something" else that is "somewhere" else to give us the motivation necessary for our future. More often than not we are consumed trying to find motivation in someone or something else. I regret to inform you, but if we continue to seek motivation in these external influences, we are gonna end up running in circles and chasing mediocracy. Motivation starts from the inside. It is what you create from within that stimulates motivation for you to develop your passions, cultivate thoughts that will elevate your actions, and nurture goals, many of which you have only just begun to dream of.

Sounds so simple, right? But How? How do we translate these internal drivers into tangible and measurable actions that transform individuals lives?

A mantra. A mantra tricks the mind; it employs the thinking of the mind instead of trying to ignore it, silence it, or subdue it. We all have those sleepless nights, or days where our thoughts control us more than we would like for them to. A mantra will use your thoughts to transcend thoughts; ultimately to a state of enlightenment or fulfillment.  It will replace the incessant thinking of thoughts- what you tell yourself day in and day out will change how you carry yourself, act towards others, develop relationships, and help develop your confidence. We are what we repeatedly tell ourselves. So stop telling yourself you can’t, you're not enough, you don’t have time, or you will do it tomorrow. Start now- with what you got and where you are TODAY.

"Motivation starts from the inside. It is what you create from within that stimulates motivation for you to develop your passions, cultivate thoughts that will elevate your actions, and nurture goals, many of which you have only just begun to dream of."  

Mantra's are not the magic spell or a one-time thing. They are so strong and powerful because it forces you to understand what creates emotional suffering, what brings up the emotions of anger, jealous, fear, or anxiety. The type of junk that clutters our brain, sucks out our energy, and serves no positive purpose for our thoughts. Negativity and doubt don’t need to be enhanced by overthinking, or rehearsing damaging events in your head. These emotions need to be controlled, and that is only in the power of the individual. Now don’t get confused. You aren't telling yourself fluff or bullshit to stop the negative thinking for a single moment. You are taking the time to struggle, challenge, chase, deter, and fight your mind. It’s not easy. It’s not a "can do" attitude that suffices your thoughts for a day. Get real with yourself. We are constantly chasing perfection because we think it's rare, when in reality authenticity is what is hard to find. It's even harder to portray- so don’t beat yourself up.

While we can eliminate the surface level thoughts, there is always a little dirt below the surface that is lurking. This consists of 'feel good' statements that may clear the thought, but will not clear the heart of yourself. A mantra aims to bring yourself back to your natural state- peace, simplicity, and clarity. Not an artificial state. Bringing your existence to a natural state is the repetition of the mantra as the breath, focus, and transcendent thoughts begin to align all together. Continuing to repeat the mantra has the power to drown out both the surface noise, and the underlying destruction.  At some point, when the mantra is practiced time and time again, it will begin to eliminate the made up fears, the unsettling worries, and the unconstructive reactions towards daily stressors. With practice and persistence- all that will be left is the neutral mantra that brings about natural awareness.

What the hell is natural awareness? English pls.

Something that appears to be a foreign escape from reality. Natural awareness is not foreign to our bodies; it is foreign to our thoughts. This state is what we search for when we meditate, do yoga, or attempt to relax. It is where the mind can look within, where it is still, and where peace and happiness all fall into place at the same time. It is a discovery, not a creation. Discover your original mind before the interpretation of reality does it for you. 

Taking just one deep breath is hard sometimes, so taking 3-5 minutes for yourself daily seems impossible. But it's something we have been working on - sit with your eyes closed, engage your breathing, calm your thoughts, and begin your mantra. It can be as simple as "I am" or "I will". (Sounds like a great necklace idea, eh?). 

We are here to create a life full of passion, love, opportunities, pursuits, and peace that leads to the greatness that lies inside of us - wearing it around your neck daily can serve as you reminder to take that deep breathe and believe in your mantra again. 

Don't know where to start? Our "Gratitude" bar or "I am" is a good place to start. Have your own? We can't wait to make it. 



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