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Why Switching to Sweatproof (and waterproof) Jewelry Is 100% The Move

Why Switching to Sweatproof (and waterproof) Jewelry Is 100% The Move

 And other stuff your mom never told you about gold filled and sterling silver jewelry

Sweatproof jewelry isn’t just for olympic athletes- although even Olympians happen to love OXB. If you’re looking for long lasting jewelry that won’t tarnish, turn your skin green or fall apart after a few wears, we’re glad you’re here. We’re big on not just walking the walk but talking the talk, so if you’ve ever wondered what “sweatproof jewelry” even means, keep on scrolling. 

It’s all about the Metals

Our team of metalsmiths and jewelers are devoted to using high quality, hypoallergenic metals that won’t itch, change color, or leave a residue on your neck that looks akin to a fungal infection. Gone are the days of picking up a cheap pair of earrings at the mall with your friends for the school dance on Friday night; you’re a grown up now and you deserve nice things that were made to last. Metals like copper and bronze might have a cheaper price tag, but everyday occurrences like showering, exercising and sun exposure will cause rusting, wear and tear.

Gold Filled Metals

Gold filled jewelry provides nearly the same quality as solid gold without the hefty price tag, and with proper care gold filled pieces will last for over 10 years. Gold filled is a thick layer of gold pressure bonded to a base metal by intense heat. The most common base metals are silver, copper, or brass because they’re malleable and easy to work with. Our gold filled jewelry is sweatproof, waterproof and made for everyday life. We hope you love it so much you never take it off- and now you don’t have to!

Gold Filled vs Gold Plating

No shade to gold plated jewelry, but it’s not sweatproof. A thinner, semi-permanent layer of gold, gold plating can easily rub off and chip when worn for an extended period of time or during intense movement (like exercise).  Because the application is not as long lasting as gold filled, gold plated jewelry is perfect for your coffee date, but it’s not fit for a HIIT workout. Next!

10K & 14K Recycled Gold

14K gold offers a combination of purity and durability. Because 10K and 14K gold is more than 40% alloy metals, its shine will turn heads and the quality makes it a great choice for jewelry lovers with an active lifestyle. Our 14K cigar band is resistant enough to scratches, dents, warping, and other damages from everyday wear, but doesn’t compromise on design.

Sterling Silver

Similar to the benefits of gold filled jewelry, sterling silver is an affordable, long lasting jewelry option for those that prefer silver to gold. It polishes with ease and is a timeless addition to any jewelry box. 

Why OXB?

We create jewelry that’s made to last, good for you and good for the environment. Each piece is handmade in Denver, Colorado by a team of women who care deeply about design, sustainability, and our fitness community. Excessive waste from the mass-produced jewelry and fashion industry is compounding, and we’re devoted to offering quality jewelry at a fair price that our customers will love. 

  • We use high quality metals and recycled gold
  • All our jewelry is custom and made to order
  • 5% of every purchase is donated to a worthy cause

Can your jewelry do  that? Shop sweatproof jewelry from OXB and join our team- let’s get sweaty! 

2 comments on Why Switching to Sweatproof (and waterproof) Jewelry Is 100% The Move
  • Lauren

    I am looking for an 18 inch silver chain for my son that won’t tarnish and he can wear all the time without ever taking it off to shower, exercise etc.

    August 14, 2022
  • Saira

    thanks so much ❤

    November 06, 2021
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