Heather Harrington, OXB Breast Cancer Fundraiser

We've teamed up with Denver-based OXB ambassador, Tara LaFerrara of Compass Fitness to fundraise for her dear friend and business partner, Heather. We will contribute all profits from our Boobies Collection and custom "Compass Strong" Bar through 10/31.

  Heather Harrington has been kicking ass (many of your asses) for years and is about to kick cancers. She was recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and will soon undergo treatment in the form of chemotherapy and eventually a double mastectomy. Heather doesn’t often reach out for help, but she needs us now and this is a way you can help support her and her family during this incredibly hard time.  The upcoming weeks and months will require all of the strength she and her family can muster. This road begins now. It will be long, hard and we know that her LARGE bandwidth of support will show up for her every step of the way. To remove some of the financial burdens this journey will require we know will help relieve some stress, leaving all focus and strength for her recovery. This money goes straight to Heather and Paige right away so any amount of money now, or later is a HUGE help!


Want to know more about Heather's story?

If you'd like to donate directly, follow the GoFundMe link below: https://www.gofundme.com/f/heathercompass



Shop for Good: Heather's OXB Fundraiser Collection

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