Kate Courtney x OXB

I love that OXB is female-founded and combines style and sparkle with being active and adventurous. This new line features the bike and my “sparkle” mantra to help you feel inspired as you push your limits and express yourself on and off the bike.

As a young athlete, I hated the color pink and anything sparkly or feminine. I felt that I had to tone down my personality in order to be taken seriously in a male-dominated, serious endurance sport.

Slowly, as I continued to compete at higher and higher levels, I started to feel more confident bringing my whole self into the sport and I found that I could really express myself through my riding. Shredding on a sparkly bike only made it more badass. Wearing jewelry while racing only made me feel more myself.

The mantra of “sparkle” came out of this feeling and this desire to show that when you bring your full self to what you do, you can find unexpected ways to shine and inspire.