Project Peaceful Warriors

About Project Peaceful Warriors from the Founder, Chelsea Hylton,

Who we are:

We are a team of highly experienced educators, social workers, education policy makers. We are a community committed to changing the scope of education to equitably meet the needs of all students and teachers through the tools of Trauma-Informed Yoga & Mindfulness. 

Our mission is to provide young people with equitable access to the social and emotional tools that they need for success, both in and out of the traditional learning environment.

What we do: 

Project Peaceful Warriors provides small group yoga classes that support students in navigating challenging emotions, cultivating resilience, self confidence, and lifelong tools that extend far beyond the classroom. 

We hold professional development workshops for school teachers on how to teach from a more trauma-sensitive, healing-centered lens, and how to bring tools of yoga and mindfulness into the classroom. 

We also provide staff yoga classes for all educators to support their emotional and physical wellbeing. 


In the past year, we provided 60 + hours of yoga programming a week in 20 classrooms, serving over 500 students (ages 3 to 19) in New Orleans per week. All of our school partnerships are public charter schools which serve mostly low-income and historically underrepresented groups. We currently serve students in each district of the City of New Orleans as part of our effort to make these services accessible to children of all demographics, backgrounds, social-economic status, and ability.

How OXB can help

Last school year, @ppw, served 500 students (ages 3-19) per week. To kick off their school year, we’re donating $1000 to help fund a school program. We’ll continue to fundraise through this collaboration - 50% of proceeds from the custom PPW peace necklace will go directly to PPW. 

How you can help :

  • Support A Student- $30

  • Fund A Staff Yoga Class - $100

  • Help Provide Yoga Mats  - $300 

  • Fund Professional Development - $500